Students Being Released From School Early

The school is changing procedures around early release of students.


Parents/carers will still need to report to the office for the early release of students,  however

  • The office will not issue a release slip

  • Parents/carers will not be able to collect students from classrooms

  • Parents/carers will not be able to request early release of students during recess times

  • 11.21 am – 11.50 am  (morning recess)

  • 1.47 pm- 2.17 pm  (afternoon recess)


  • The office will phone classrooms requesting that the child is released to the office

  • The child will take their bag to the office where they will meet their parent/carer

  • The office will record the early release on Compass


If you require further clarification around this please do not hesitate to speak to

Mrs. Morgan, Miss Slaymaker or Ms Richter.