School Traffic

School Traffic Safety - Pedestrian


All parents, carers and students are urged to put the safety of themselves and others

first when crossing the roads, especially in the heavy before and after school traffic times.

The school has two crossing which are supervised during those times and we strongly urge

our whole school community to use them.


The adult members of school community are ultimately role models to all our children and if

parents and carers take children across the road in non- supervised crossing areas,

they are inadvertently modelling unsafe practices that children will copy.


The school encourages everyone to put safety first and be diligent in using the supervised school

crossings at all times during school pick up and drop off times.


School Traffic Safety - Driver


Parents and carers are urged to be very diligent in adhering to parking restrictions around the school area.

In particular, cars are not to park in the drop off zone (with or without a driver) for any amount of time.  It is

strictly a drop off and pick up area.  The school also encourages parents and carers not to park on the nature strips

or in no standing areas.


Please show your consideration of others by adhering to this. 

In the past Wyndham City Council Traffic Infringement Officers have issued fines to offenders.