Student and Wellbeing Safety

From time to time, minor disputes or incidents occurs between students and your

children may well tell you about these when you collect them from school or when they

come home.  It is important to take your children’s concerns seriously and talk to them about

their issues.   At Westgrove staff pride themselves on being diligent in following up on these incidents,

which often occur in the yard at play times and are not always reported to teachers at the time. 

If your child expresses a concern with a particular child or incident, it is important that you

  1. Explain the situation with your child’s teacher, who will investigate the situation thoroughly, take all necessary

    steps to solve the issue and get back to you with an outcome and where appropriate, a management plan

  2. If you still have concerns or the situation hasn’t improved, Parents and carers can also arrange a meeting with

    the instructional leaders in your child’s team or a member of the Principal team who will follow up another level


Under no circumstances are Parents and Carers to discipline or approach other students with regards to these matters.  This will always be facilitated by school staff through school protocols.

Your cooperation with this is very much appreciated.