From the Principal

Note from the Principal:

This term has been a big one! Our inquiry units have been developing well and the feedback we get from the students is that they are enjoying them, working on hands on activities and making authentic connections with the real world.

In particular, this term we have seen the Year 4 team start their unit by designing and refining Rube Goldberg machines. These are complex machines working by domino effect where each part of the machine triggers another part of the machine to complete a simple task. The Year 2 students have been making simple moving toys and have shared their work with a mini-exhibition. The Year 3 students have been working to rejuvenate the frog pond and I received a persuasive letter from each student asking for funds and explaining why they felt it was important to fix the frog pond. The Year 1’s are going to piggyback off this next term and look at habitats and hopefully reinhabit the frog pond with frogs. The Preps having been looking at fairytales and have held a ball. I spoke to the Year 6’s this term about power and how it impacts on rights and responsibilities. They were quite surprised by the comparison between a principal’s rights and responsibilities.

There have been incursions and excursions. The Year 3 students visited the Melbourne Museum. A group of Year 5’s went to the Werribee Zoo and a group of Year 6 students competed in a REAL robotics competition and came away with awards. The Year 5 cohort had Formula 1 visit and the Prep and Year 1 students focussed on confidence, teamwork and self-regulation during 2 days of Supreme Incursions visits. A small group of Year 4 students visited the Melbourne show as well.

We also had our hugely successful Book Parade this term- the costumes were fantastic and the atmosphere electric. All students had the opportunity to be involved in seeing a visiting author or illustrator. The P-2 students saw Ben Wood, an illustrator. The upper school heard authors speak about their work. Years 3 and 4 heard Lucinda Gifford while Years 5 and 6 listened to Stig Wemyss. The Book Fair was also well attended.

The PE program continues to offer many opportunities to the community. The year 6 students have competed in Winter Interschool Sport. There has also been the District Athletics, Hooptime Basketball events, Storm Gala Day and the Girls Football Regional finals. We finish Friday with the P-2 Athletics carnival  which is always a wonderful day for the students, teachers and parents alike.

Our NAPLAN results have continued to improve. We improved in every area this year as compared to 2016 and in the five year trend of results have continued to improve in most areas.  There is still work to be done and this does not begin and end with NAPLAN but the teachers work hard throughout the year monitoring the progress of all the students. We hope you have taken the opportunity to view the learning tasks online which are showing your child’s development throughout the year rather than just being something that is done at traditional report times. It allows you to have meaningful discussions about your child’s progress with the teacher regularly.

As a school we have focused heavily on developing social skills this term. All students throughout the year have experienced working with Supreme Incursions to work on developing some particular social skills that are important for each year level. All classrooms have been explicitly teaching skills on a Monday and then following up throughout the week on a daily basis.

We would also like to thank our Helping Hands parents who have worked very hard on a highly successful Father’s Day stall and compiling our school recipe book. We thank them for their help and support. Those who are helping in the canteen we also extend our thanks to you as we couldn’t run our canteen without your help.

I haven’t included everything that has happened in the school throughout the term but have given you a snapshot. Thank you to our hard working staff (office and support staff, the ES staff, teachers and Leadership) for all their work over the past ten weeks. We farewell Miss McDonald 1M this term and wish her luck in her new position. Thank you also to our community for all of your continued support. Working together for your children will bring us the most success. We wish you a safe and happy holiday and hope some of that Spring weather is turned on for us over the holidays.


Tami-Jo Richter