New Relocatable Buildings for 2019

The school received some excellent news from DET with regards to our buildings allocation.  As the school continues to grow, we have become eligible for a Mod 5, which is a double classroom relocatable building and a Mod 4-Administration (single room configuration).

This is a very desirable outcome as we do have plans to create more grades to cater for the growing number of students enrolled throughout 2018-19.

Contractor have already conducted a site inspection for the Mod 5 and we expect them to start work in a couple of weeks’ time.  The Mod 4 project will be starting a little after that, however DET expects that all works will be completed and ready for the start of 2019.


The Mod 5 relocatable building will be installed in the area in front of the bike shed and the area will be fully fenced off throughout the installation process.


Keep your eye out for these projects and we will continue to provide you with progress reports.