2019 Grade Organisation

Thank you to the families who have responded to this so promptly.

To the best of our ability the school will be taking all requests received into consideration during our grade organisation process, however we will not able to respond to individual request letters.

The school will soon be working on new grades for 2019.  Within reason, parents/carers have the opportunity to request special consideration

for their child/ren, as they are being placed in grades for 2019, especially with regards to extenuating circumstances relating to family and friendship situations or disputes. 


Please be aware that requests for specific teachers will not be considered.


All request must be made in writing either in a letter or email to the school email addressed to Mrs Heidi Morgan.

The school email address is Westgrove.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au

All requests must include parent’s/carer’s name and contact number and their child’s name/current grade and be submitted to the school office by Friday 16th November.


Heidi Morgan

Assistant Principal