Education Week

Education Week is celebrated in all schools across Victoria from 21st – 25th May.

This year all schools will be celebrating The Arts through a range of Education Week activities.

At Westgrove we have the following activities planned for this very special week.

  1. Presentation of the Westgrove Education Week Student Citizenship Awards- these will be presented at morning assembly on Monday 21st May and parents and carers are invited to join us for this assembly and the presentations

  2. All grades will be participating in an Arts focussed activities throughout the week

  3. The school will be conducting a short open classrooms afternoon on Wednesday 23rd May from 2.45pm-3.15pm.  This is a wonderful informal opportunity to pop in and share in your child/ren’s learning experience and maybe even check out their Arts activities for the week.  We look forward to welcoming you all into the classrooms at this time.